40th Anniversary Law Conference Brought the Law to the People

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The Bar Association’s 40th Anniversary Law Conference, held last Saturday, was a huge success. The event was well attended and brought important legal issues straight to the people. Roy Hall gave a fascinating, and at times humorous, account of the Bar Association’s history. Judge Patea introduced the Bar to JustWare, the High Court’s new case management software. Sharron Rancourt presented the first Arthur A. Morrow Justice Award to an emotional Ipu Lefiti. Nathan Mease moderated a timely panel discussion on citizenship in American Samoa. The panel included Fainu’ulelei Falefatu Uiagalelei, Charles Alailima, Roy Hall, and Afoa Moega Lutu. It was a lively discussion that laid out many of the legal and political issues, while responding to questions from the public. 


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