In re Matai Title “Mulitauaopele”,

Series: 12ASR2d | Year: 1989 | 12ASR2d8_1
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K. MULITAUAOPELE, Plaintiffs/Objectors


LUI LEAANA FUATA, Defendant/Claimant

[In the Matter of the Matai Title “MULITAUAOPELE” 
of the Village of Lauli’i]

High Court of American Samoa 
Land and Titles Division

MT No. 5-89

July 19, 1989


Where certificate of irreconcilable dispute from Secretary of Samoan Affairs was issued, upon is information given by a party to the dispute, proceedings in Land & Titles Division would be stayed pending certification by the Secretary of compliance with statutory procedures for attempted resolution. A.S.C.A § 43.0302.

Before KRUSE, Chief Justice.

Counsel: Objector I.S. Mulitauaopele pro se 
For Objector Fofogatumua K. Mulitauaopele, Gata E. Gurr 
For Claimant, Tau’ese P.F. Sunia .

Memorandum Order:

Upon notice from the Secretary of Samoan Affairs that the parties in the above-entitled matter have not met in accordance with the requirements of A.S.C,A. § 43.0302 and that the Certificate of Irreconcilable Dispute dated June 21, 1989 was issued upon misinformation given by one of the parties and whereas compliance with the requirements of A.S.C.A. § 43.0302 have not thus been shown to the Court’s satisfaction, [12ASR2d9]

It is Ordered that the proceedings in above-entitled matter before the land and titles division shall be stayed until compliance with the requirements of the aforesaid enactment has been certified by the Secretary of Samoan Affairs or until further order of the Court.