10.0103 General plan objectives – Scope and adoption.

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(a) Objectives for the general plan program shall consist at least of the following:

(1) the establishment of processes and procedures whereby the government, private industry, on a concerted basis, to the extent practicable;

(2) preparation or revision annually, generally coinciding with the fiscal year; transmittal to the Governor and to the Legislature of a document summarizing the highlights and the budget implications of the general plan.

(b) The general plan may be concerned particularly with industrial, commercial, or agricultural development; with education, social services, housing, essential sewer, water and electric utilities services, and with transportation, communications, recreation, conservation, cultural services; and with other relevant aspects of life in American Samoa.

(c) In order that a comprehensive plan may be developed for the Territory, it is desirable that any of its foregoing subjects be considered in terms of:

(1) defining existing problems, policies, and plans;

(2) establishing objectives;

(3) developing and evaluating the impact of alternative strategies;

(4) determining any necessary revisions to local decision-making processes; and

(5) developing an implementation plan, having broad-based community support, which defines priorities and assigns responsibilities for action.

(d) The commission shall present any general plan for American Samoa which it develops to the Governor and the Legislature, for action the Governor and the Legislature considers appropriate.

History: 1978, PL 15-64