10.0402 Duties and responsibilities.

In addition to any duties and responsibilities otherwise prescribed by law, the office of program planning and budget development also has the following duties and responsibilities:

(1) to conduct necessary operational planning and management methods as are utilized by departments and agencies of the government;

(2) subject to the approval of the Governor, to prescribe a budget calendar for the guidance of all executive agencies and a system of quarterly allotments to insure that appropriations and nonappropriated funds are not exhausted beyond the fiscal period for which the appropriations and funds are made available;

(3) to institute a system of form control:

(4) to perform other duties and responsibilities as may be prescribed by the Governor, by law, or by rule;

(5) adopt rules under the Administrative Procedure Act, section 4.1001 et. seq.:

(6) adopt rules under subsection(5) permitting budget managers to move line accounts amounts up to $5,000 or 15% whichever is lesser, of a line account from one line account to another; permitting the budget Director to move amounts up to $25,000 or 30% of line account, whichever is lesser, similarly from one line account to another; and requiring legislative appropriation on all line item account shifts over 30% or $25,000. Transfers of federally funded amounts will be governed by guidelines issued, from time to time, by committees or appropriations of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives.

History: 1977, PL 15-58