10.0501 Purpose.

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It is the purpose of this act to establish a comprehensive system for territorial program and financial management which furthers the capacity of the Governor and Legislature to plan and finance the services which they determine the territory will provide its people. The system includes procedures for:

(1) the orderly establishment, continuing review and periodic revision of the programs and financial goals and policies of the territory;

(2) the development, coordination and review of long-range program and financial plans that will implement established territorial goals and policies;

(3) the preparation, coordination and analysis, and enactment of a budget organized to focus on territorial services and their costs, that authorizes the implementation of policies and plans in the succeeding budget period;

(4) the evaluation of alternatives to existing policies, plans and procedures that offer potential for more efficient or effective territorial services;

(5) the regular appraisal and reporting of program performance; and

(6) the basic authority of the Secretary of the Interior for the administration of the territory of American Samoa shall in no way be derogated by this chapter.

History: 1977, PL 15-58