10.0502 Responsibilities of the Governor.

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(a) The Governor shall direct the preparation and administration of the territorial budget. He shall evaluate the long-range program plans, requested budgets and alternatives to territorial agency policies and programs; and formulate, and recommend for consideration by the Legislature, a proposed comprehensive program and financial plan which shall cover all estimated receipts and expenditures of the government for the general fund and all special funds whether or not their resources are annually appropriated by the Legislature, including all grants, loans and moneys received from the federal government or other agencies both governmental and nongovernmental. Proposed expenditures shall not exceed estimated receipts and surpluses.

(b) In carrying out the intent of this chapter, the Governor shall have full authority and responsibility for preaudit and postaudit functions, as well as formal certification of payments from all appropriated funds, in accordance with policies and procedures of the Treasurer of American Samoa formulated in consideration of and in accordance with the General Accounting Office, the Department of the Treasury, the Department of the Interior, and the Office of Management and Budget rules and regulations, not inconsistent with section 10.0503.

History: 1977, PL 15-58