10.0504 Responsibilities of the office of program planning and budget development.

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The office of program and budget development shall:

(1) assist the Governor in the preparation and explanation of the proposed comprehensive program and financial plan, including the coordination and analysis of territorial agency program goals and objectives, program plans, and program budget requests;

(2) develop procedures to produce the information needed for effective policy decision-making;

(3) assist territorial agencies in their statement of goals and objectives, preparation of program plans, program budget requests, and reporting of program performance;

(4) administer its responsibilities under the program execution provisions of this chapter so that the policy decisions and budget determinations of the Governor and the Legislature are implemented to the fullest extent possible within the concepts of proper management; and

(5) provide the Legislature with any budget information it may request which is within the area of legislative authority or interest under this chapter. The preliminary budget plan(for fiscal year plus 2) and budget document for next suc-ceeding fiscal year must be submitted 1 week in advance of the respective session.

History: 1977, PL 15-58