10.0505 Agency program and financial plan.

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(a) Each department or agency of the government on the date and in the form and content prescribed by the office shall prepare and forward to the office the following program and financial information;

(1) the goals and objectives of the agency programs, together with proposed supplements, deletions, and revisions;

(2) its proposed plans to implement the goals and objectives including estimates of future services needs, planned methods of administration, proposed modification of existing program services, and establishment of new program ser-vices, and the estimated resources needed to carry out the proposed plan;

(3) the budget requested to carry out its proposed plans in the succeeding fiscal year; the budget request information shall include the expenditures during the last fiscal year, those estimated for the current fiscal year, those proposed for the succeeding fiscal year, and explanation of the services to be provided, the need for the services, the costs of the services, and any other information requested by the division;

(4) a report of the receipts during the last fiscal year, an estimate of the receipts during the current fiscal year, and an estimate for the succeeding fiscal year;

(5) a statement of any new legislation required to implement the proposed programs and financial plans; and

(6) An evaluation of the advantages and disadvantages of specific alternatives to existing or proposed programs, policies or administrative methods.

(b) The territorial agency proposals prepared under subsection(a) shall describe the relationships of their program services to those of other territorial agencies, of other governments, and of nongovernmental bodies.

(c) The office shall assist agencies in the preparation of their proposals under subsection(a). This assistance may include technical assistance, organization of materials, centrally collected accounting, budgeting and personnel information, standards and guidelines formulations, population and other required data, and any other assistance that will help the territorial agencies produce the information necessary for efficient agency management and effective decision-making by the Governor and the Legislature.

(d) If any territorial agency fails to transmit the program and financial information provided under subsection(a) on the specified date, the office may prepare that information with the same effect as if it had been prepared by the agency itself.

History: 1977, PL 15-58