10.0506 Governor’s recommendation.

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(a) The Governor shall formulate the program and financial plan to be recommended to the Legislature after considering the territorial agency proposed program and financials plans, and other programs and alternatives that he considers appropriate. The plan shall include his recommended goals and policies, recommended plans to implement the goals and policies, recommended budget for the succeeding fiscal year, and recommended revenue measures to support the budget.
(b) The Governor shall present the proposed comprehensive program and financial plan in a message to the Legislature. The message must be preceded by 1 week by a budget document which shall contain the Governor’s recommended goals, plans, and appropriations. The budget document shall be furnished each member of the Legislature and each department or agency of the government. The budget document shall contain the following information:
(1) the coordinated program goals and objectives that the Governor recommends to guide the decisions on the proposed program plans and budget appropriations;
(2) the program and budget recommendations of the Governor for the succeeding fiscal year;
(3) a summary of the territory’s receipts in the last fiscal year, a revised estimate for the current fiscal year, and an estimate for the succeeding year;
(4) a summary of expenditures during the last fiscal year, those estimated for the current fiscal year, and those recommended by the Governor for the succeeding fiscal year;
(5) drafts of appropriation bills and revenue measures; and
(6) any additional information which will facilitate understanding of the Governor’s proposed program and financial plan by the Legislature and the public.
(c) After delivery of the Governor’s message, the bills incorporating his recommendations may be introduced in the Legislature in accordance with the provisions of its standing rules.

History: 1977, PL 15-58 § 3; amd 1980, PL 16-56 § 2.

Amendment: 1980 Subsection (1): added “preceded by 1 week”.