10.0508 Authority for territorial agencies for administering program service assignments.

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(a) Except as limited by policy decisions of the Governor, appropriations by the Legislature, and other provisions of law, the territorial agencies shall have full authority for administering their program service assignments, and shall be responsible for their proper management.

(b) Each territorial agency shall prepare an annual plan for the operation of each of its assigned programs. The operations plan shall be prepared in the form and content and be transmitted on the date prescribed by the office.

(c) The office shall:

(1) review each operations plan to determine that it is consistent with the policy decisions of the Governor and appropriations by the Legislature, that it reflects proper planning and efficient management methods, and that appropriations have been made for the planned purpose and will not be exhausted before at the end of the fiscal year;

(2) approve the operations plan if satisfied that it meets the requirements under paragraph(1); otherwise the office shall require revision of the operations plan in whole or in part;

(3) modify or withhold the planned expenditures at any time during the appropriations period if the office finds that the expenditures are greater than those necessary to execute the programs at the level authorized by the Governor and the Legislature, or that the receipts and surpluses will be insufficient to meet the authorized expenditures levels.

(d) No territorial agency may increase the salaries of its employees, employ additional employees, or expend money or incur any obligations except in accordance with law and with a properly approved operations plan.

(e) The office shall report quarterly to the Governor and the Legislature on the operations of each territorial agency, relating actual accomplishments to those planned, and modifying, if necessary, the operations plan of any agency for the balance of the fiscal year.

History: 1977, PL 15-58