11.0607 Wage tax.

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(a) All wages earned in the Territory shall be taxed at the rate of two percent (2%). This tax is in addition to American Samoa’s income tax as set forth in Chapters 4 and 5 of this Title.
(b) This tax shall be paid by the wage earner and reported on the wage earner’s tax return.
(c) Employers shall immediately increase the minimum withholding for all employees from 4% to 6%.
(d) This wage tax shall take effect and commence in tax year 2012. Revenue generated from this wage tax shall be deposited in the Treasury.
(e) The Treasurer shall transfer accumulated proceeds from this account in the following manner and for the following purposes:
(1) first, proceeds shall be transferred on a monthly basis to the Workmen’s Compensation Account until the sum of such transfers totals $3,000,000, which shall be considered as repayment of the loan to the American Samoa Medical Center from the Workmen’s Compensation Account; and, thereafter,
(2) fifty percent (50%) of accumulated proceeds shall be transferred to the LBJ operation; and
(3) fifty percent (50%) of accumulated proceeds shall be transferred to a separate special account of the American Samoa Medical Center no later than the 5th day of each month and used to support the Off-Island Medical Referral Program.
(f) This earmark is separate and apart from the earmark established pursuant to section 11.0605.

History: 2012, PL 32-6.