12.0208 Authority of the Chief Procurement Officer.

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(a) The Chief Procurement Officer shall serve as the central procurement official of the government.

(b) Consistent with the provisions of this chapter, the Chief Procurement Officer shall adopt operational procedures or rules governing the internal functions of his office.

(c) Except as otherwise specifically provided in this chapter the Chief Procurement Officer shall, in accordance with rules adopted:

(1) procure or supervise the procurement of all construction, goods, and services, needed by the government;

(2) exercise general supervision and control over all inventories of goods belonging to the government;

(3) sell, trade, or otherwise dispose of surplus goods, to the government; and

(4) establish and maintain programs for the inspection, or testing, and acceptance, of construction, goods, and services.

(d) The Office of Chief Procurement Officer designated as the agency responsible for acquiring surplus federal property under the Federal Property and Administrative Services Act of 1949 as amended, and for purposes of that act is the American Samoa Agency for Surplus Property.

History: 1983, PL 18-10 § 9.