13.0104 Board of Directors–Powers and duties.

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All powers and duties vested in the Medical Center shall be exercised by the Board. In carrying out its functions, the Board shall also:

(1) elect officers at its first meeting, including a chairperson, vice-chairperson and others as the Board deems advisable. Thereafter, the Board shall elect officers annually at the first meeting of each fiscal year;

(2) appoint, supervise, and prescribe duties and compensation for the Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, and Medical Director;

(3) ensure that the Medical Center employs well-qualified, competent medical and other professional, ancillary, and clerical staff;

(4) ensure that all Medical Center facilities and equipment are kept up-to-date and in good condition;

(5) adopt criteria and implement a process which ensures that decisions for making off-island medical referrals are based upon a rational, consistent, informed, and fair determination of medical necessity in accordance with the existing diagnostic and treatment capabilities of the Medical Center;

(6) provide for an accurate accounting and financial management system, and review the monthly operation statements and other financial reports as it deems necessary;

(7) negotiate agreements to make Medical Center resources available to the Department of Health when necessary to perform public health duties and respond to public health emergencies; and

(8) submit reports to the Governor as he directs from time to time.

History: 1998, PL 25-20.