13.0304 Mission statement.

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(a) It is the policy of American Samoa that in the event or occurrence of a public health emergency, that the public health be protected and promoted to the greatest extent possible through the public health system while respecting individual rights to dignity, health information privacy, nondiscrimination, due process, and other legally-protected interests.

(b) The mission of the department, in regard to this act, is to provide leadership, and to protect and promote the public’s health in any public health emergency by:

(1) Developing a response plan to respond to an event or occurrence of a public health emergency;

(2) Providing or assuring the provision of public health emergency services and functions that are culturally and linguistically appropriate for the Territory;

(3) Encouraging collaboration among public and private sector partners to support the purpose of this act; and

(4) Seeking adequate funding and other sources to provide essential emergency public health services and functions, or accomplish public health goals through public or private sources. This act shall not be construed to require an individual or agency within the public health system to provide specific health services, or to mandate the Territory’s and local public health agencies to implement unfunded programs.

History: 2007, PL 30-11.