13.0310 Response plan.

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A response plan is needed to achieve the purpose of this act and provide public health emergency services and functions.

(a) The director shall develop a public health emergency plan and deliver a copy of the plan to the Governor. The response plan should address the following goals:

(1) Identify and determine the existence of, potential, threat of, or imminent danger of an event or occurrence of a public health emergency;

(2) Develop and/or support an information infrastructure aiding and supporting a full and adequate response to events or occurrences of public health emergencies;

(3) Develop and provide for certification, credentialing, or effective training for members of the department, ASG agencies, and public and private sector partners and volunteers involved in a response;

(4) Provide for participation in voluntary advanced registration and accreditation programs; and

(5) Comprehensively plan and set priorities for the performance of essential public health emergency services and functions.

(b) To fulfill these and other goals underlying the development of an infrastructure to respond to public health emergencies, the department shall consult, adopt and implement federal and Territory guidelines, initiatives, programs, and recommendations relating to improvements in public health infrastructure provided they are consistent with accomplishing the purpose of this act and respecting the unique territorial circumstances and resources.

(c) The director shall promulgate rules and regulations specifying the scope and content of the response plan and ensure that the plan is regularly tested and revised as needed.

(d) Each response plan shall be reviewed and updated annually, if needed.

(e) The director shall provide a copy of the response plan to the Governor and the Fono, and shall make available a copy to appropriate federal agencies, ASG agencies, public and private sector partners and volunteers.

History: 2007, PL 30-11.