13.0313 Data collection.

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(a) The department is authorized to collect, analyze, and maintain databases of identifiable or non-identifiable information related to:

(1) Risk factors identified for specific conditions of public health emergencies;

(2) Morbidity and mortality rates for events or occurrences of public health emergencies;

(3) Community indicators relevant to conditions of public health emergencies; and

(4) Any other data needed to accomplish or further the mission or goals of the Department and of this act.

(b) The department is authorized to obtain information from federal agencies, ASG agencies, health care providers, public and private sector partners, volunteers, and private and public organizations related to or involving potential, possible or actual public heath emergencies.

(1) The department may use information available from other governmental and private sources, reports of hospital discharge data, information included in death certificates, other vital statistics, environmental data, and public information.

(2) The department may request information from or inspect health care records maintained by other ASG agencies that identify patients or characteristics of patients with reportable diseases or other conditions of public health emergencies.

History: 2007, PL 30-11.