13.0402 Cancer registry data and confidentiality.

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The Department of Health shall collect, for each form of in-situ and invasive cancer (with the exception of basal cell and squamous cell carcinoma of the skin), data concerning:

(1) demographic information about each case of cancer;

(2) information on the industrial or occupational history of the individuals with the cancers, to the extent such information is available from the same record;

(3) administrative information, including date of diagnosis and source of information;

(4) pathological data characterizing the cancer, including the cancer site, stage of disease, incidence, and type treatment; and

(5) other elements determined by the Department of Health.

All data collected under this section shall be considered confidential as to the names of persons or physicians concerned, except that researchers may use the names of such persons when requesting additional information for research studies when such studies have been approved by the Director of Health.

History: 1998, PL 25-22.