13.1114 Tobacco Sales Hearing Board.

There shall be a Tobacco Hearing Board consisting of three members appointed by the Governor to serve for four year terms. The Board shall select its chairperson. The functions of the Tobacco Hearing Board shall be as follows:

(a) to hear and determine cases pursuant to violations of this chapter; and

(b) to render decisions after hearing cases, and to issue penalties according to the provisions set forth in this chapter. No action against a license shall be effective until after the Tobacco Sales Hearing Board has rendered its decision; and

(c) the Board has the authority to make its own rules and regulations to further enforce the provisions of this chapter but such rules and regulations must not be inconsistent with the provisions of this chapter.

Should the Board fail to meet within thirty days’ notice of any case, controversy, application or any other request which requires the Board’s action, the Director is authorized to assume the duties and responsibilities of the Board in order to make an interim or final and binding decision on any matter. The decision of the Director in such an instance, shall be deemed the decision of the Board, as if such decision was reached by the Board itself. All such decisions shall be made in writing and shall be supported by facts and findings specific to the action. The Director’s final decision shall comply with this chapter and any other rules officially promulgated by the Board.

History: 1994, PL 23-17, 2006, PL 29-33.