13.1307 Administrative management.

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The Department of Health shall function as the lead agency for implementation, management, and enforcement of the Act, to include the following:

(1) The Director of the Department of Health shall adopt regulations in accordance with 4.1001, et seq., the Administrative Procedures Act, as necessary to implement this chapter and to provide for its effective and efficient administration.

(2) Department of Health shall develop and conduct a public education program to explain and clarify the purposes and requirements of this chapter to the public, and to guide owners, operators and managers in their compliance therewith. The program may include, but is not limited to, publication of a brochure for affected businesses and individuals explaining this chapter.

(3) Department of Health shall conduct familiarization training for its employees and those of other departments and agencies having enforcement responsibilities, to include refresher training at necessary periodic intervals.

(4) Department of Health shall collaborate and coordinate with other government departments and agencies, as well as community organizations, both local, national and international, which share common interests in achieving the intent of this Act, for the purpose of effectively and efficiently implementing this Act and providing mutual support for and continuity in programs with similar goals, but not for the purpose of supplanting such programs.

(5) Department of Health shall monitor enforcement efforts and notify relevant departments, agencies, boards and commissions of violators that persistently fail to comply with this Act or exhibit a pattern of non-compliance for the purpose of administrative action set forth in 13.1308.

History: 2010, PL 31-24