13.2104 Powers and duties of the Statistics Division.

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(a) The Statistics Division is empowered to: (1) collect and provide information required by the American Samoa Government and its subdivisions for policy making and program planning and implementation; and (2) effectively coordinate all phases of statistical activities in American Samoa.

(b) The specific duties of the Statistics Division are;

(1) to make such statistical reports as specified in this Act;

(2) to develop and establish statistical policy matters;

(3) to plan, design, and collect the statistical information specified in this Act;

(4) to compile, analyze, abstract and publish official statistics outlined in this Act;

(5) to coordinate and provide technical assistance as needed for all statistical activities being carried out in other departments or agencies of the American Samoa Government;

(6) to define and establish a statistical standard as a basis for official statistics in American Samoa. For purposes of measuring overall levels of economic activity, the standard will be Gross Domestic Product (GDP) or GDP per capita. For individual well-being, the standard will be personal income per capita;

(7) to make or construct statistical estimates, forecasts, projections, and models as necessary or appropriate. Whenever feasible, such statistical constructs must be based upon NIPA data and constructs;

(8) to plan, design and undertake censuses and surveys specified in this Act;

(9) to examine, evaluate, and interpret any published or unpublished statistical data as it relates to American Samoa;

(10) to plan, design, and undertake statistical education and training through workshops, seminars and conferences for employees of the American Samoa Government, and the public as needed;

(11) to serve as the lead agency statistical matters for American Samoa in contacting and interacting with Federal, State, other Territorial, and local agencies, international and regional organizations, and private organizations and citizens;

(12) to plan, design, and carry out research, field studies, experiments, and such other activities for furthering development of statistical sciences;

(13) with the advice of the Statistical Advisory Council, to decide the procedures and methods employed in the provision of all statistics produced compiled by the Statistics Division, including the extent, form, and timing of statistical publications;

(14) as soon as practicable, but no later than June 30th of each calendar year, to publish an Annual American Samoa Statistical Yearbook covering the range of statistics stated in this Act;

(15) as soon as practicable, to publish other statistical reports, such as unemployment (HHEIS) statistics, and special census and survey reports as timely as possible;

(16) at the discretion of the Chief of Statistics, to undertake other activities relating to statistical activities recommended by the Statistical Advisory Council.

History: 2004, PL 28-26.