13.2107 Confidentiality of information.

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(a) Every employee of the Statistics Division shall take and subscribe to a statutory declaration t the effect that he or she will faithfully and honestly fulfill his duties as an employee of the Statistics Division in conformity with the requirement of this Act, and will not disclose or make known any information or-statistical data that are acquired under this Act, except as otherwise provided by law. Any information or statistical data that are collected for statistical purposes shall be kept for those purposes, and confidentiality of such information shall be strictly maintained.

(b) Confidential information obtained from individuals, households, organization, and other entities, in the process of compilation of statistical data, shall be treated as such.

(d) Neither the Chief of Statistics nor any other employee of the Statistics Division may, except as otherwise provided by law:

(1) use the information furnished under the provisions of this Act for any purpose other than the statistical purposes for which it was obtained; or

(2) make any publication whereby the data furnished by any particular establishment or individual under this Act can be identified; or

(3) permit anyone, other than the sworn officers and employees of the Statistics Division, to examine the individual reports.

(e) No department, bureau, agency, officer, or employee of the American Samoa Government, except the Director of the Department of Commerce and the Chief of Statistics in carrying out the purposes of this Act, may require, for any reason, copies of census reports or statistical information which have been retained by any establishment or individual. Copies of Census reports and statistical information which have been so retained shall be immune from legal process, and shall not, without the consent of the individual or establishment concerned, be admitted as evidence or used for any purpose in any action, suit or other judicial or-administrative proceeding.

History: 2004, PL 28-26.