13.2108 Statistical advisory council.

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(a) There shall be Statistical Advisory Council established as a consultative body to the Statistics Division on matters of statistical activities. The Council shall also recommend policies, programs and procedures for statistical activities.

(b) The functions of the council shall include:

(1) review of censuses, surveys and compilation of various statistics;

(2) provide assistance with the analysis and evaluation of survey results; and

(3) offer suggestions for the development and improvement of statistics.

(c) The statistical advisory council shall consist of the following members:

Lieutenant Governor (Chairman),

Director of the Office of Program Planning & Budget Development,

Director of the Department of Commerce,

Director of the Department of Health,

Head of the American Samoa Environmental Protection Agency,

Director of the Department of Education,

Attorney General,

Secretary of Samoan Affairs,

Director of Port Administration,


Director of the Office of Women’s Affairs,

President of the Community College of American Samoa,

The District Governors,

One (1) member of the Senate,

One (1) member of the House of Representative,

One (1) representative of the Chamber of Commerce; and

Three (3) members from the private sector appointed by the Governor.

History: 2004, PL 28-26.