16.2102 Research Foundation—Objective and functions.

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The functions of the Foundation are to:

(a) Promote all educational, scientific, literary, Samoan cultural and humanitarian pursuits by encouraging, initiating, aiding, supplementing, developing and implementing educational programs which contribute to the attainment of the goals and objectives of the College.

(b) Enter into and administer grant contracts or agreements with federal, territorial and international governmental agencies, and other relevant agencies, which will enable the research foundation to perform the functions stated in subsection (a).

(c) Receive and administer funds from grants, contracts, endowments, individuals, gifts or bequests of property and to prudently invest such in a manner that will promote maximum financial growth.

(d) Serve as trustee or beneficiary under terms of gifts, endowments, indentures or wills.

(e) Apply for, and obtain, receive, hold, and dispose of copyrights, patent rights, licenses, assignments of inventions, discoveries, processes and other property.

(f) Conduct research, studies, investigations, experiments and tests in all fields of study.

(g) Coordinate and correlate all other activities of the college, both administrative and fiscal, as are delegated to the Foundation from the Board of Higher Education.

(h) Establish, maintain, or assist in the establishment and maintenance of scholarships, professorships, sabbatical leaves and staff positions at the college.

(i) Prepare, print and publish manuscripts, research articles, reports, and documents of similar nature.

History: 1987, PL 20-22 § 2.