16.2105 Board–Powers and duties.

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(a) The Board shall have the following powers and duties:

(1) serve as Trustees of the Foundation;

(2) enter into and be responsible for the performance of local, territorial, federal and international contracts and grants;

(3) sell, lease, rent, hold, maintain, use and operate any property held by the Foundation in accordance with applicable law;

(4) coordinate programs with the Community College, government and any other relevant agency;

(5) stimulate and promote cooperative educational projects and activities;

(6) establish, maintain, or assist in the establishment and maintenance of scholarships, professorships and sabbatical leaves;

(7) be available for monthly Board meetings:

(8) refrain from political activities or pressures when dealing with Foundation business; and

(9) do all acts reasonably necessary to carry out the functions of the foundation.

(b) The Board may establish standing or ad hoc committees to assist in carrying out its powers and duties.

History: 1987, PL 20-22 § 2.