17.0302 Powers and duties of the Feleti Barstow Public Library.

The Feleti Barstow Public Library:

(a) may sue and be sued;

(b) may adopt and use a seal;

(c) may make contracts, as authorized in this chapter;

(d) may adopt, amend, and repeal bylaws;

(e) may purchase or lease and hold personal property it considers necessary or convenient in the transaction of its business, may dispose of personal property held by it in accordance consistent with the laws of the government;

(f) may, in the name of the government, purchase, lease, or sell real estate, and accept title to that real estate in the name of the government, to accomplish the purposes of this chapter;

(g) may procure or contract for the procurement of supplies, equipment, materials, personal services other than by employees, and construction with any public or private entity upon terms and conditions as it finds necessary to the full and convenient exercise of its purposes and powers, subject to all applicable laws and rules of American Samoa, and shall receive and account for its inventory of materials;

(h) shall serve a center for life-long learning, dedicated to meeting the needs of all age groups, unskilled, skilled, and professional workers, students, preschoolers, business, government, elected officials, throughout the Territory;

(i) shall make available books, periodicals, government publications, audiovisual, video-conferencing, internet, and other educational and cultural materials and provide the physical facilities and equipment to use these materials and services;

(j) shall serve the informational needs of the general public, department of education staff and the staffs of other departments; and educational, community, businesses and cultural organizations;

(k) shall maintain a collection of Samoan and other Pacific Islands resources and cooperate with regional libraries and agencies of the Pacific in matters of mutual concern and benefit to the Pacific basin, including the South Pacific Commission, Pacific Forum, Nelson Memorial Library of Samoa, Universities of Guam, Hawaii and Fiji and Pacific resources for education and learning;

(l) shall encourage life long education, instruct users of the library on the efficient and effective use of library resources and provide information services for social, economic and political development in American Samoa;

(m) shall be responsible for developing and receiving private and government grants and contributions of money or property which the library may use for or in aid of any of its purposes;

(n) shall establish fair and reasonable charges for copy services, late book fees, rental of conference rooms with and without video equipment, sale of surplus books and other surplus materials and other income producing activities;

(o) may adopt other rules pursuant to the Administrative Procedures Act, 4.1001 et seq., not inconsistent with the provisions of this chapter or with the rules of the government, that are necessary and proper for the administration and operation of the public library; and

(p) shall exercise all other powers not inconsistent with the provisions of this chapter or with the rules of the government, which may be reasonably necessary or incidental to the establishment, maintenance and operation of the public library.

History: 1999, PL 26-3