17.0304 Public library board—Powers and duties.

The public library board, in addition to other provisions of this chapter:

(a) shall employ a competent and qualified Territorial Librarian;

(b) shall select its chairman, vice chairman and secretary-treasurer from among its own membership;

(c) shall develop and adopt written bylaws establishing meeting schedules and procedures, relationship with the Territorial Librarian and staff, selecting committees for specific purposes, defining fiscal procedures and other regulations required for the operations and programs of the library;

(d) shall determine, pursue and maintain adequate funds to carry on the library programs;

(e) shall develop, support and participate in a planned public relations program;

(f) shall approve both the annual budget and fund raising programs and review monthly operating statements submitted by the Territorial Librarian;

(g) shall require members to attend all board meetings unless ill or excused due to off island travel;

(h) shall review all policies regarding use of library resources and negotiate policy approvals; and

(i) shall review, correct if required, and approve the Territorial Librarian’s reports submitted at each meeting.

History: 1999, PL 26-3