17.0614 Board duties and responsibilities.

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The board shall meet at least once a month and shall have the following duties and responsibilities:

(a) hire an executive director who shall be directly responsible to the board for the proper and efficient management of the bureau;

(b) review and decide upon the annual operating budget of the bureau in accordance with the Government’s regular budget process;

(c) review and approve procurement actions;

(d) review and approve personnel actions;

(e) review and approve accounting and financial management policies and procedures to ensure compliance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP);

(f) review, approve and submit an annual financial report to the Governor no later than 30 days after the end of the fiscal year;

(g) hold regular meetings at least once every month and hold special meetings when necessary. It shall record and keep minutes of all such meetings and make said minutes available for public inspection;

(h) advise the Governor on matters presented by the director in his reports as required by section 17.0610;

(i) issue written advisories and recommendations on the director’s reports as required by 17.0610(c). Said advisories and recommendations shall be issued not later than 25 days from the date of receipt of the director’s report, and failure of the board to issue within that time shall be deemed a decision by the board to forego making any advisories and recommendations on that particular report;

(j) review and approve all other matters properly within the bureau’s authority which are included on the agenda of the board; and

(k) adopt bylaws for the proper conduct of board affairs and business.

History: 2008, PL 30-15.