18.0102 Commission-Powers and duties.

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The commission has the following powers and duties:

(1) carry out those duties as may be set out in this title and other laws, and the rules, of the government which specifically delegate power or authority to the commission;

(2) elect, at its first meeting and thereafter annually at the first meeting in October, a chairman, who presides at all meetings, and other officers as it may consider desirable from among its members;

(3) develop policies and programs for the administration, management and operation of the parks system and recreational activities;

(4) review and make recommendations to the Governor and department on:

(I) comprehensive plans, applications and acceptances pertaining to federal assistance programs prior to their final approval and submission;

(II) the preliminary and final budgets of the department prior to submission to the Legislature;

(III) during the first month of each quarter, the operation and financial records of the department for the previous quarter; and

(IV) the department’s annual report prior to submission to the Legislature; and

(5) perform other assignments as the Governor may make in the furtherance of the overall development of the parks system recreational programs.

History: 1980, PL 16-55 § 5.