18.0211 Federal assistance programs-Department’s powers and duties.

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(a) The department is authorized with respect to federal assistance programs, to prepare, maintain and keep up-to-date, a comprehensive plan for the development, use and conservation of outdoor recreation resources of the Territory, to develop, operate and maintain outdoor recreation areas and facilities of the Territory, and to oversee acquisition land, waters and interests in land and waters for such areas and facilities. The Legislature must be provided with a copy of the plan and any modifications that are from time to time made to it.

(b) With the approval of the Governor, the department may enter into contracts and agreements with the United States or any appropriate agency thereof, keep financial and other records relating thereto, and furnish to appropriate officials and agencies of the United States the reports and information as may be reasonably necessary to enable those officials and agencies to perform their duties under those programs.

(c) The department, with the approval of the Governor, may enter into and administer agreements with the United States or any appropriate agency thereof for planning, acquisition and development projects involving participating federal aid funds on behalf of the Territory.

(d) In connection with obtaining for the Territory the benefits of any such program, the department shall coordinate its activities with, and represent the interest of, all agencies of the territory having interests in the planning, development and maintenance of outdoor recreation resources and facilities within the Territory.

History: 1965, PL 9-6; amd 1980, PL 16-55 § 3.

Amendment: Changed “board” to “department” throughout; added “with respect to federal assistance programs” and “ use and conservation”; changed “acquire” to “oversee acquisition”; and added last sentence to subsection (a).