18.0304 Territorial boxing commission-Powers.

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The commission shall have power, subject to the provisions of this chapter:

(1) to cooperate with organizations and individuals engaged in the promotion and control of boxing;

(2) to supervise and regulate all boxing;

(3) to supervise and regulate boxing contests and training exhibitions in connection therewith for prizes or purses or where an admission is charged or received;

(4) to promulgate such rules and regulations as may be necessary to carry out the purposes of this chapter;

(5) to issue or renew, or refuse to issue or renew, and to limit, modify or suspend and revoke any license provided for in this chapter;

(6) to hold hearings, compel the testimony of witnesses, order the production of documents and other tangible evidence and administer oaths and cite for contempt.

History: 1971, PL 12-13 § 5.