19.0103 Powers and duties of Commission.

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(a) The Commission is vested with the power and authority, and it is its duty to:

(1) fix or approve the rates, fares, charges, classifications and rules pertaining thereto, of each commercial carrier;

(2) regulate and supervise the accounts, schedules, and service of each commercial carrier;

(3) prescribe a uniform system and classification of accounts to be used, which among other things shall provide for the setting up of adequate depreciation charges;

(4) require the filing of annual and other reports;

(5) supervise and regulate commercial carriers in all other matters affecting the relationship between the carriers and the travelling and shipping public, including, but not limited to, upon the recommendation of the Commissioner of Public Safety, the establishment of convenient bus stops in all villages, so needing.

(b) The Commission shall also have power and authority to prescribe, by general order or otherwise, regulations applicable to any and all commercial carriers.

History: 1972, PL 12-65 § 1; amd 1977, PL 15-5.