2.0102 Compensation of legislators.

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(a) The annual salary of the President of the Senate and the Speaker of the House is $30,000.

(b) The annual salary of other members of the Legislature is $25,000.

(c) The annual salary of the delegate from Swains Island is $20,000.

History: 1962, PL 7-28;amd 1974, PL 17-51;amd 1977; PL 13-51;amd 1978; PL 14-13 § 1; 1978, PL 15-74;amd 1982, PL 17-51 § 1; amd 1996, PL 24-18.

Amendments: 1974 Raised compensation; 1977 Raised compensation; 1978 Amended generally; 1982 Raised compensation.

Reviser’s Comment:

Section 3 of PL 15-13 provided: “This act is only effective if the Secretary of the Interior approves the amendment to Article II, Section 25 of the Constitution of American Samoa, approved by the qualified electors of American Samoa at the 2 November 1976 election, providing the compensation of legislators be provided by law. This act is effective upon passage and approval due to the emergency necessity of raising the legislators’ compensation”.

The Secretary approved the amendment 8 April 1977. Section 2 of PL 17-51 provided: “Pursuant to 2.0103 A.S.C.A. (legislature may not raise its own compensation), this act becomes effective 1 January 1983.”