20.1602 Dockage charges.

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(a) Dockage charges shall apply to all vessels not exempted under 20.1604 as follows:

(1) Vessels shall be required to pay dockage charges computed-on a gross ton per day basis or per foot of vessel length per day basis, whichever is the greater, and the charge shall be com-puted as follows:

(A) per gross ton per day: $0.02:

(B) per foot of vessel length per day: $0.10.

(2) One-half of the full dockage rate may be assessed against vessels subject to dockage charges if:

(A) vessels are lying alongside or tied up to any vessel made fast to a wharf;

(B) vessels are lying idle at a wharf;

(C) vessels are moored off shore and using a wharf by means of boats or lighters, based on tonnage or length of moored vessels:

(D) vessels or other floating equipment are lying alongside or tied up to a wharf for purposes of salvaging or rebuilding. Use of the wharf for such purposes will be at the discretion of the Port Director.

(b) No dockage charge may be imposed when a mooring charge is imposed.

History: 1962, PL 7-27; 1972, PL 12-49 §§ 11, 7.