20.1724 Loading and unloading material with inflammable vapors.

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Loading or unloading of any liquid which gives off an inflammable vapor (as determined by Tagliabue’s Open Cup Tester as used for test of burning oils) at or below a temperature of 80’ F. in bulk or in containers is forbidden unless or until the following precautions have been taken:

(1) a rope fence located at such areas as may be required by the Port Director:

(2) five signs reading: “DANGER NO SMOKING-NO OPEN FLAMES-NO VISITORS” in 2-inch letters of white on a red background, to be prominently displayed at locations prescribed by the Port Director;

(3) a fire hose connected to the fire hydrant nearest the gangway, kept run out, equipped with a fog nozzle and the pressure on up to the nozzle;

(4) all shed doors closed inside the roped-off area adjacent to the vessel: the doors to remain closed while the vessel is in port:

(5) no mechanical equipment permitted to operate outside the roped-off area and in any adjacent area determined by the Port Director or agent or master of the vessel to be unsafe during adverse wind conditions, when the wind is blowing onto the pier from the vessel, or when there is no wind;

(6) a trained, capable, experienced and uniformed watchman provided with police authority, as approved by the Attorney General and Port Director, to prevent violations of regulations and to insure safe practice.

History: 1962, PL 7-27.