20.1729 Welding and burning-Fire mains, hoses, and watchers required.

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(a) Water-charged fire mains, with hose and nozzle attached, and the hose of sufficient length so that water can reach the base of any fire which may occur, shall be on each deck of the ship where welding or burning operations are being conducted.

(b) Sufficient trained fire watchers shall be on board and assigned to each group, or individual welder or burner, to watch for and extinguish incipient fire. Each fire watcher shall be provided with an approved fire extinguisher or hose line to control any fire which occurs during the welding or burning operations. All firemen and fire watchers shall be instructed by their foreman or supervisor as to their duties in respect to fire prevention and the manner of contacting the fire department when needed.

History: 1962, PL 7-27.