22.0303 Unauthorized signs, signals and markings.

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(a) No person may place, maintain or display upon or in view of any highway, any unauthorized sign, signal, marking or device which purports to be, is an imitation of, or resembles an official traffic-control device, or which attempts to direct the movement of traffic, or which hides from view or interferes with the effectiveness of an official traffic-control device.

(b) No person may place or maintain, nor shall any public authority permit upon any highway, any traffic sign or signal bearing thereon any commercial advertising.

(c) This section may not be deemed to prohibit the erection, upon private property adjacent to highways, of signs giving useful directional information and of a type which cannot be mistaken for official signs.

(d) Every such prohibited sign, signal or marking is a public nuisance and the authority having jurisdiction over the highway is empowered to remove the same or cause it to be removed without notice.

History: 1972, PL 12-65 § 1.