22.0807 Uniform traffic ticket and complaint-summons.

(a) In the event of any violation of a provision of this title resulting in a misdemeanor or an infraction, proceedings may be instituted by the serving of a summons upon the violator.

(b) The summons shall be signed by a police officer of American Samoa and shall be substantially in the form known as the “Uniform Traffic Ticket and Complaint-Summons.

(c) No code section need be specified in the summons in any case in which the charged violation is specifically designated through the use of indicated boxes provided on the uniform ticket and complaint.

(d) The summons may contain other information pertinent to the charged offense and such forms for appearance, plea and waiver as are necessary under 22.0815 et seq.

History: 1972, PL 12-65 § 1; 2001, PL 27-8.