22.0820 Law enforcement costs.

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(a) In addition to any fines or costs assessed under this chapter or imposed pursuant to this title, the Court shall impose a law enforcement costs offset fee of ten dollars ($10.00) per conviction of any violation of any section of this title or title 20. For the purposes of this section, this fee shall also be imposed against licensed drivers failing to have their license in their immediate possession when operating a motor vehicle pursuant to section 22.0210.

(b) Such fee, when assessed, shall be segregated into a separate checking account designated “ASG – Traffic Rehabilitation Account” administered by the Treasurer of American Samoa. Such costs shall be expended solely for purchase or maintenance of traffic control devices, traffic patrol vehicles, and traffic safety or traffic law enforcement.

(c) The revenues generated from the fee imposed in this section shall be subject to appropriation by the Legislature and approval by the Governor.

History: 1999, PL 26-1.