22.1101 Head lamps and tail lamps.

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Every vehicle upon a highway at any time from a half hour after sunset to a half hour before sunrise, during heavy rainstorms, or at any other times when there is not sufficient light to render clearly discernible any person or vehicle on the highway at a distance of 200 feet, must be equipped with lighted lamps and lighting devices as follows:

(a) Each side of the front of every motor vehicle, except motorcycles, must be equipped with at least 1, but not more than 2, head lamps. All head lamps must be located at a height of not more than 54 inches nor less than 24 inches, measured above the level surface upon which the vehicle stands.

(b) Every motorcycle or bicycle must be equipped with a lamp on the front exhibiting a white light visible at least 500 feet to the front.

(c) All vehicles utilizing single beam head lamps must have lights positioned to illuminate persons and vehicles at a distance of not more than 200 feet and not less than 150 feet.

(d) All vehicles utilizing multiple beam head lamps must use the lower beam when an on¬coming vehicle approaches within 500 feet from the front and whenever the driver of the vehicle approaches another vehicle within 300 feet from the rear.

(e) Every motor vehicle, or vehicle being drawn at the end of a motor vehicle, must be equipped with 1 or more lighted rear lamps ex¬hibiting red light plainly visible from a distance of 500 feet to the rear. One of such rear lamps or a separate lamp, must be so constructed and placed as to illuminate with a white light the rear license tag and render it clearly legible from a distance of 50 feet to the rear.

(f) Every bicycle must be equipped with a red reflector on the rear visible from a distance of 300 feet to the rear.

(g) Motor vehicles shall not be modified with any aftermarket colored transparent or translucent substance or material installed, affixed or applied on or in front of the head lamps, the auxiliary driving lamp or the auxiliary passing lamp or combinations of the head lamps, driving lamp or passing lamp that would obstruct, reduce or interfere with the visibility or effectiveness of the head lamps, increase the beam intensity, or that would change the color of light emitted.

(h)(1) Except as provided in (h)(2) following, motor vehicles shall not be modified with any aftermarket lighting accessories that may alter the appearance of the original vehicle from the manufacturer. This is to include any lighting alterations in, on, around or under the vehicle.

(2) The prohibition in (h)(1) above shall not apply to police or authorized emergency vehicles, vehicles equipped for the purpose of warning of hazardous situations, or vehicles equipped with a lighting system intended to mark or signal a solemn procession or occasion.

History: 1972, PL 12-65 § 1; 2012, PL 32-7.

Amendments: 2012 added subsections (g) and (h).

Case Notes:

“Heavy rainstorms” means rainstorms so heavy that there is not sufficient light to render clearly discernible any person or vehicle on the highway at a distance of 200 feet. Mageo v. Hartford Fire Insurance Co. ASR (1978).