22.1109 Standards for brakes.

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(a) The brakes of a motor vehicle or combination of vehicles shall be deemed adequate if, on a dry, hard, approximately level stretch of highway free from loose materials, such brakes are capable of stopping the motor vehicle combination of vehicles, when operating at speeds set forth in the following table, within the distance set opposite such speeds:

Miles per Hour Stopping Distance (in feet)

10 9.3

15 20.8

20 37.0

25 58.0

30 83.3

(b) The test to be used in determining whether vehicles meet the performance requirements set forth in subsection (a) must be conducted as prescribed by the Commissioner. The test may be conducted by the use of instruments suitable for the purpose approved by the United States Bureau of Standards. No vehicle may be tested for brake efficiency at a speed higher than that permitted by law for such vehicle.

History: 1972, PL 12-65 § 1.