22.1202 Initial and annual inspections and upon request of commissioner.

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(a) All motor vehicles must be inspected by the Office of Public Safety or a privately owned facility as authorized by the Commissioner and an official certificate of safety inspection and approval obtained for each vehicle as follows:

(1) upon an original application for registration;

(2) annually, at the time designated by the Commissioner by rules;

(3) in the interest of public safety, upon request of the Commissioner.

(b) Such inspections must determine whether the vehicle inspected meets all requirements as to equipment under this title and is in such safe mechanical condition as not to endanger the driver or any other person or property when driven or moved on any highway.

History: 1972, PL 12-65 § 1; amd 1977, PL 15-41 § 3.

Amendments: 1977 Subsection (a): substituted “Office of Public Safety” for “Department of Public Works” in opening lines, and deleted “and regulations” from the end of subdivision (2).