22.1601 Motor vehicles-Shipment out of Territory-Regulate-Penalty.

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(a) A motor vehicle may not be boarded for shipment on any vessel or aircraft leaving the Territory unless the person in possession of the motor vehicle produces legal ownership documents and a written authorization for shipment from the Commissioner of Public Safety. Such documents shall be then presented to the Director of Port Administration for clearance.

(b) The person responsible on each vessel or aircraft for the shipment of motor vehicles shall keep a record, on forms approved by the Commissioner, of each motor vehicle and person in possession of the motor vehicle being shipped out of the Territory. A copy of this record must be transmitted to the Commissioner or his designated agent prior to departure of the vessel or aircraft.

(c) It is a class B misdemeanor for a person, his representative or agent to ship or cause to have shipped a motor vehicle out of the Territory in violation of this section.

(d) A legal or equitable owner of a vehicle shipped out of the Territory in violation of this section may recover damages for losses caused by such violation from the person, representative, agent, governmental entity, or business entity responsible for such violation.

History: 1985, PL 19-24 § 1.