24.0134 Tests and samples-Responsibility of owner or operator.

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(a) The Commission may conduct tests and take samples of actual or suspected pollutants, fuel, process materials, or other materials which affect or may affect emission or discharge of pollutants from any source.

(b) Upon request of the Commission, the person responsible for the source to be tested shall provide necessary holes in stacks, ducts or pipes, and such other safe and proper sampling and testing facilities, exclusive of instruments and sensing devices, as may be necessary for proper determination of the emission or discharge of pollutants.

(c) If an authorized employee of the Commission, during the course of an inspection, obtains a sample of any pollutant, fuel, process material or other material, he shall give the owner or operator of the equipment or fuel facility a receipt for the sample obtained.

(d) The Commission may require the owner or operator of any source emitting or discharging pollutants to install monitoring equipment or devices, conduct such tests and take such samples as the Commission shall prescribe and submit periodic reports on the nature and amount of such discharges or emission to the Commission.

History: 1972, PL 12-45 § 1, 2000, PL 26-22.