24.0152 Failure to comply with order-Injunction.

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(a) In the event the offender fails to comply with the order issued by the Commission, the Commission, in addition to other remedies set out in this chapter, may apply to the High Court for an injunction requiring the offender to cease doing business until such time as the offender shall furnish definitive plans and specifications, satisfactory to the Commission, to show com-pliance with this chapter the rules and regulations pursuant to it and the order of the Commission.

(b) The High Court shall grant such injunction unless the High Court finds from a review of all evidence which was before the commission that the Commission acted arbitrarily or capriciously.

(c) When the offender furnishes the plans called for under this section, the Commission shall immediately petition the High Court to lift such injunction.

History: 1972, PL I2-45§ 1.