24.0305 Dealers records.

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(1) Every dealer shall make a legible record in the form of a receipt in triplicate on forms to be furnished by the department.

(2) The receipt shall show:

(a) the weight and number of each species of fish or shellfish received;

(b) the name of the fisherman providing the fish or shellfish;

(c) boat name and registration number, if applicable;

(d) the name of the dealer;

(e) the date of receipt;

(f) the price paid per species;

(g) the type of fishing gear used;

(h) whether the fish or shellfish are intended for sale in fresh, frozen or in processed form;

(i) which fish or shellfish were taken within and outside the territorial waters; and

(j) other statistical information as the department may require.

(3) The original signed copy of the receipt shall be delivered to the fisherman at the time of the purchase or receipt of the fish or shellfish. The duplicate copy shall be kept by the dealer or person receiving the fish or shellfish for a period of six months and shall be available for inspection at any time within that period by the department. The triplicate copy shall be delivered to the department on or before the sixteenth day of each month.

History: 1987, PL 20-12 § 1; 1988, PL 20-62.