24.0503 Designation of coastal zone and special management areas.

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(a) Coastal zone management area. The Islands of Tutuila and Aunu’u, the Manu’a Islands, Swains Island, Rose Island, and all coastal waters and submerged lands included within the boundaries of the Territorial sea are hereby designated as the coastal zone management area of American Samoa, (hereinafter “Coastal Zone”), and are subject to the provisions of this chapter. Excluded from the coastal zone management area are lands the use of which is by law subject solely to the discretion of or which is held in trust by the federal government, its officers or agents.

(b) Special management areas. Due to their unique and valuable characteristics and to the imminent threat from development pressures, Pago Pago Bay, and the “pala” or wetland areas of both Nu’uuli and Leone, are hereby designated as “special management areas” under this chapter. The Director of Development Planning is directed to delineate boundaries and promulgate rules for special management areas, in accordance with the Administrative Procedures Act, 4.1001 A.S.C.A. et. seq., that impose the highest practical standards for the preservation, restoration, and management of their ecological, commercial, recreational, and esthetic values. Future special management areas may be designated by the Governor, following a nomination process and designation pursuant to the Administrative Procedures Act, 4.1001 et seg.

History: 1990, PL 21-35.