24.0504 Program purpose and responsibilities.

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The general purpose of ASCMP is to provide effective resource management by protecting, maintaining, restoring, and enhancing the resources of the coastal zone. This shall be accomplished through:

(1) protection of unique areas and resources, including wetlands, mangrove swamps, aquifer recharge areas, critical habitat areas, streams, coral reefs, watersheds, near shore waters, and designated or potential historic, cultural or archaeological sites, from destructive or inappropriate development;

(2) development of strategies to cope with sea level rise and other coastal hazards, plus all other cumulative impacts on land, air, and water resources;

(3) promotion of the public’s health, safety, and economic welfare in the conservation of wildlife, marine, and other natural resources;

(4) coordination and integration of planning, monitoring, and enforcement activities of all government agencies whose activities impact the coastal zone;

(5) establishment of criteria for major facility siting and guidelines for the priority use of public shorefront property;

(6) improvement and expansion of recreation opportunities and shorefront access for all residents and visitors; and

(7) establishment of criteria and procedures for an environmental impact assessment process.

History: 1990, PL 21-35.