24.0702 Commission-Establishment and duties.

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(a) The American Samoa Natural Resources Commission is established. The Commission is comprised of 5 members appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Legislature, who elect a chairman from their membership.

(b) The Commission shall meet periodically, but not less frequently than once every 2 months. The Commission, in cooperation with existing governmental agencies, shall develop and submit to the Legislature on or before 1 January 1991, the following information:

(1) a list of endangered species within the Territory:

(2) a list of threatened species within the Territory;

(3) a list of species whose taking should be regulated and suggested seasons or limits;

(4) suggested programs for the conservation, protection, restoration, and propagation of endangered and threatened species within the Territory;

(5) suggested sources of funding, private and public, for implementing this chapter.

History: 1982, PL 1749 § 2; and 1984, PL 18-50 § 1, amd 1985, PL I9-29§ 1; amd 1990 PL 21-39.

Amendments: 1984 Subsection (a): deletes “for a period not to exceed one year from 24 November 1982”. Subsection (b): changed “1983” to be “1985” in order to establish a permanent Commission.

1985 Subsection (b): changed “1985” to “1986”.