24.0904 Soil and water conservation district-Establishment-Tenure-Meeting-Management.

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(a) There is a soil and water conservation district referred to in this chapter as the conservation district.

(b) A Conservation District Board is established. The Board shall consist of sixteen members. Eight members shall be appointed from each of the following departments of the American Samoa Government by the Governor of American Samoa. These departments are:

(1) American Samoa Community College Land Grant Program;

(2) American Samoa Environmental Protection Agency;

(3) Department of Agriculture;

(4) Department of Public Works;

(5) Department of Marine and Wildlife Resources;

(6) Office of Economic Development Planning, Coastal Management Program;

(7) Office of Samoan Affairs; and

(8) American Samoa Power Authority, Water Division.

Two members are to be appointed by the Governor from the environmentally concerned organizations. Three farmers are to be appointed by the Governor to be members of the District Board. Three additional members are the three administrative District Governors or their designated representatives.

(c) The term of office of Conservation District Board members shall be three years. Vacancies will be filled in the same manner as the selection of Board member shall designate a chairperson and may, from time to time, change the designation.

(d) Monthly meeting shall be held and eight of the Board members shall constitute a quorum and the concurrence of a majority present on any official matter shall be necessary.

(e) Board members shall receive no compensation for their services, but shall be entitled to necessary expenses. They may employ such officers and employees as they may require, and fix their compensation, and shall provide for surety bonds for employees or officers who are entrusted with funds. They shall keep a record of proceedings, resolutions, regulations, and orders issued or adopted, and accounts of receipts and disbursements, and shall furnish to the Governor and Legislature copies of documents, instruments or information concerning their activities.

History: 1991 PL 22-20; amd 1993 PL 23-8.