24.0905 Powers of the district and Board.

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A district organized under this chapter, and the Board members thereof, shall have in addition to other powers granted in other sections of this chapter the following powers:

(1) To provide for and encourage surveys, investigation, and research relating to soil and water conservation and water quality, and to publish and disseminate information concerning such subjects.

(2) To provide for and encourage demonstrations relative to the control and prevention of erosion, the conservation of soil and water resources, and improvement of water quality on publicly owned lands within the Territory with consent of the agency having jurisdiction thereof, and on other lands with the consent of the occupier of lands.

(3) To cooperate, or enter into agreements with and to furnish financial or other aid, including machinery, equipment, fertilizer, seeds, and other material, to any agency or any occupier of lands within the Territory, for carrying on soil and water conservation and water quality activities, subject to such conditions as the board may deem necessary.

(4) To acquire property, real or personal, or rights or interests therein; to maintain, administer, and improve the property, receive income from it, and expend the income in carrying out the purposes of this chapter; and to sell, lease, or otherwise dispose of any such property.

(5) To construct, improve, and maintain any structures necessary for carrying out the purpose of this chapter.

(6) To develop plans for the conservation of soil and water resources, the control and prevention of erosion and improvement of water quality within the district and to publish or otherwise bring them to the attention of district land occupiers.

(7) To apply for and accept grants, loans, contributions, appropriation, and assistance from any source, private or public (federal, territorial, or local); to enter into and carry out contracts of agreements in connection therewith, and to use or expend these resources in carrying on its operations.

(8) To sue and be sued; to have a seal, which seal will be judicially noticed; to maker and execute any necessary contracts or other instruments.

(9) As a condition to the extending of benefits, or the performance of work upon lands under this chapter, the Board may request land occupiers to contribute money, services or materials, to any operation conferring such benefits.

History: 1991 PL 22-20; amd 1993, PL 23-8.